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Youth ImprovGenics Class Begins

Class starts July 24th!

ImprovGenics too Joe Hammer

Improvgenics! introduces students, ages 7-15, to next-level skills in creativity, spontaneity, listening, acceptance, confidence-building, collaborative creativity and teamwork – all in an active and humorous way! Classes are conducted by Joe Hammer of YourImprovCoach.com, Founder of The Outcasters Improv Training Center and Author of The Improv Edge.

Classes will be held the week of July 24th – July 28th (Monday through Friday), 4:00 – 5:30 pm, with the Friends and Family Showcase following their final class on the 28th. The showcase will be held from 5:45 – 6:45 pm.

Sign up your child(ren) by themselves, or encourage them to invite a friend or two to join them as it often greatly reduces the “first class jitters!” Send their friends to this page. We are combining the youth and teen classes, however we will be grouping student training with fellow students in the same age category. 

The cost is only $185 ($170 for additional students from same family) and includes:

  • An overview of improv and how it can assist in your child’s life!
  • 4 weeks of Participatory Improv Warm-Ups
  • 4 weeks of Participatory Improv Games
  • Personalized Certificate of Completion
  • One-Hour Student Showcase for Friends & Family

Questions? Drop us a message!

The benefits of youth learning improvisation have been proven to improve communication skills, decision making, teamwork, social interaction, confidence, active listening, physical awareness and assistance with anxiety.

Youth Improv Classes

The Outcasters’ youth improv classes will introduce students to essential skills in creativity, spontaneity, listening, acceptance, confidence-building, collaborative creativity and teamwork – all in an active and humorous way! We offer two classes, one for ages 8-12, and another for 13-17.

Our “learn by doing” philosophy will have students up on their feet and playing from day one. They’ll experience positive thinking while improving socials skills, self-confidence, creativity, and articulation. Students will undo rigid thinking that blocks creativity while enjoying a “no pressure” zone where they will practice bravery, risk-taking, and generosity in a kind, safe environment. 

They’ll discover and share what makes them awesome! Whether interested in acting, stage work, or simply developing more self-esteem and confidence, this class will have students taking center stage learning the skills of improvisation in a supportive and fun setting! 

Our training deeply focuses on acceptance, listening, awareness, and grounding, all allowing our students to engage with and support each other as both actors and audience members!

Interested? Contact us!



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Joe Hammer - Your Improv Coach Joe Hammer has been actively presenting powerful personal and business development seminars and entertainment programs for decades. Complimenting his book, THE IMPROV EDGE, Joe’s improv classes and workshops deliver high-impact content from his extensive training with Magnet Theater, Upright Citizen’s Brigade and Impro Theatre, including disciplines with fellow improv authors, Mick Napier of The Annoyance Theater and Will Hines of UCB.

Joe’s classes go beyond simple improv games; you’ll discover practical and constructive principles of both short and long form improvisation – all while enjoying ample stage time, personalized coaching and considerate feedback. There’s something new in every class!

And it’s all taught in a safe, respectful, and non-judgmental setting. No egos. No harassment. No criticism. Just progressive improv training in a positive environment!

Meet the Outcasters' Chameleon Mascot, Banter!

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As a perceptive chameleon, Banter recognizes the importance of being adaptable. Banter came to be the Outcasters’ mascot after trying to find a place to cool off from the blazing Arizona sun. He stumbled inside a drop-in improv class and, after seeing what The Outcasters were all about, he quickly realized he was home! Whether you’re an experienced improviser, just beginning your improv journey, or attending one of our shows, Banter invites you to join us!