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Team-Building Workshops

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Improv is a combination of sharp communication skills, mental agility, creative problem solving and playful teamwork. These are the very same skills valued in the workplace, except they are employed in the conference room or client dinner instead of in front of a sold-out crowd.

From business-friendly topics like team development and public speaking, the most successful business people are often the greatest communicators! The Outcasters’ Team Building Workshops, will unleash the very best in your team through the power of Improvisation! We’ll assist in empowering strong, positive, and creative communication for members at every level of your business team!

Your team will learn improv techniques, skills and theories in a customized workshop setting, tailored for your groups size, needs and structure. You’ll have stronger teamwork, more effective collaboration, innovative brainstorming and problem solving.

We’d love to help you and your team unlock your full potential as collaborative geniuses! From team-building and brainstorming in your business, school or other human gathering, experiential improv does the job! Drop us a line… we’re here to help! Heck, we’ll even consult on projects and creativity! Get started with our Free Workshop Consultation today.

Banner Health

The executive staff at Banner Health Care enjoyed THE IMPROV EDGE Improv Training with Joe Hammer.

Joe and his team provided a very fun and impactful experience for our executive team. I immediately saw everyone highly engaged in the art of improv and the perspective it brings to us as leaders. What a fun and valuable lesson to listen carefully before responding while having a ton of fun along the way. I would highly recommend this experience for a team!
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Lamont Yoder, CEO
Banner Baywood, Gateway and Heart Hospitals and Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
Advise Group pic

The team of licensed insurance agents with Advise Insurance enjoyed The Outcasters Team-Building Training

Joe was able to help us move into a space of vulnerability and ease... We were able, as a team, to develop skills and build rapport with one another. Our team-building session with Joe and The Outcasters lead to high team morale; it genuinely increased our joy and time spent together.
Tanya Fed
Advise Insurance, Arizona Sales Market Manager

The energetic folks at Fingerpaint Ad Agency got creative at Improv Training with The Outcasters

The team and I had a fantastic time with The Outcasters. The team was very trepidatious about doing improv and the Outcasters created a safe space to the team to let their guards down and get into the exercises. They also chose exercises that we can use in our day-to-day work. In fact, several team members incorporated the game, "story in :30, :15 :07" in writing some social posts for Twitter. All in all, those who hadn’t done improv before said that it was not what they were expecting and they had a great time!
Joanna Friel & Fingerpaint Teammates
2021 Med Ad News Agency of the Year | Category 1

The sales professionals at GMR Marketing enjoyed creative story-telling techniques with The Outcasters

Joe and Atti did a great job getting everybody immersed right from the get-go. It was definitely one of the highlights of our summit. We were so happy we found the Outcasters, were happy to work with them and would absolutely recommend them to anyone!
Pete Durbin
GMR Marketing, Account Director
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Joe Hammer - Your Improv Coach Joe Hammer has been actively presenting powerful personal and business development seminars and entertainment programs for decades. Complimenting his book, THE IMPROV EDGE, Joe’s improv classes and workshops deliver high-impact content from his extensive training with Magnet Theater, Upright Citizen’s Brigade and Impro Theatre, including disciplines with fellow improv authors, Mick Napier of The Annoyance Theater and Will Hines of UCB.

Joe’s classes go beyond simple improv games; you’ll discover practical and constructive principles of both short and long form improvisation – all while enjoying ample stage time, personalized coaching and considerate feedback. There’s something new in every class!

And it’s all taught in a safe, respectful, and non-judgmental setting. No egos. No harassment. No criticism. Just progressive improv training in a positive environment!

Meet the Outcasters' Chameleon Mascot, Banter!

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As a perceptive chameleon, Banter recognizes the importance of being adaptable. Banter came to be the Outcasters’ mascot after trying to find a place to cool off from the blazing Arizona sun. He stumbled inside a drop-in improv class and, after seeing what The Outcasters were all about, he quickly realized he was home! Whether you’re an experienced improviser, just beginning your improv journey, or attending one of our shows, Banter invites you to join us!