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Here's what Joe's Students and Clients have to say...

Joe Hammer’s Outcasters Improv classes are the best in the biz. Joe’s fun and engaging style of teaching Improv will enhance your game big time. Whether you are new to Improv or an experienced performer, Joe will take you to higher levels quickly. I highly recommend The Outcasters Improv classes, and Joe’s book The Improv Edge.

Everyone was extremely welcoming and Joe was a fantastic teacher. I felt comfortable participating and didn’t feel I had to worry about any judgment, we were all in it together. The warmups and exercises were engaging and hilarious. I can’t wait to go back!

It’s an experience for all. It’s safe and fun. Class members are so inviting it makes you better. I had never done improv before now I’m hooked.

That was my first experience with Improv and I could not be happier to join “Outcasters” for that. I have not laughed so hard for a very long time and 2 hours flew by too fast. Everyone was super supportive. Joe’s timely and on-point notes and comments were very useful and appreciated. You don’t even notice how you learn while having so much fun. I would definitely be joining the next classes, even though it is hard to call class when you leave with the biggest smile on your face.


Honestly, the entire experience was an absolute blast! Everyone was so warm and welcoming. Every part flowed smoothly, filled with laughs and I left with a smile and feeling energized. Great experience for my first-ever improv class.

I found myself looking forward to class every week! The games are always playful, fun and yet challenging and instructive.


I have been attending improv classes with The Outcasters for six months and have found them to be an enjoyable diversion from my regular routine. Joe runs the class effectively, introducing games to hone our skills, providing insightful tips, and facilitating a welcoming and friendly environment. Mistakes and blunders are inevitable yet forgiven and I highly recommend the class for anyone looking to experience some laughs and develop their interpersonal skills.

This was my first time participating in a class but I have seen some other improv acts. From my previous experience, the scenarios were so wild and uncontrolled, the conversations were disconnected, and most of the time nobody knows what’s going on. Joe and Atti organized the class in such a way that it emphasized on ‘listen, observe, think, and give’, which makes the improv experience much more meaningful.

You’re a great Improv Coach (and a great guy)! The games we played were ‘spot on’ for fine-tuning all the top tools to facilitate the ‘magic’ in our improv scenes. Your Director Notes are really helpful too!

If you have been considering diving into the art of Improvisation, take the plunge now with Joe Hammer’s, The Outcasters Improv Troupe, in Scottsdale. Joe is an excellent instructor and improviser. His exceptional methods of teaching are more like lessons in fun.

I loved how Joe related to people in a non-judgmental way. Totally “yes, and” posture. I also enjoyed his style of directing during the exercises as needed. The folk in the class were awesome, accepting, welcoming.

I fell head over heels for improv classes on my first session. Everything was amazing the people, the structure, Joe’s insight, the laughs!


Joe does a fantastic job of hosting the group. He provided coaching and is uplifting to everyone while also not afraid to tell you if something could have been done a little differently to improve the scene. It was a great class- I really enjoyed it.

I truly enjoyed the quick pace of the activities, a blend of circle warm-up games and actual scene work with multiple opportunities to participate even as a first-time beginner to the group! It was fun and social – exactly what I was hoping for!

I felt extremely comfortable during this class as a newbie. I loved everything about how the class was structured, all the warm up exercises and scenes were so much fun. There’s definitely a room to grow for me. I wish I lived in Arizona so I could attend the live classes!

The interaction and live experience of doing improv was awesome, mixed with Joe’s knowledge. Awesome class! I plan to continue to attend.

This class was absolutely amazing! Great warm-ups to get us comfortable. And the drills and scenes were clean friendly and fun! 

I enjoyed learning so much from Joe! He reminded me how even the small things in a scene are what truly bring it to life.

I very much enjoyed how positive and supportive Joe is when he runs the class. This is NOT a competitive environment and it attracts a wide range of interesting, kind students from various backgrounds.

The Outcasters improv classes are a great way to build your interactive skills that you can use in any life situation. It is a fun way to learn how to listen and build off someone else’s input, a priceless skill in the world of business. It is a safe, non-judgmental, encouraging environment!

The best class I’ve ever participated in! I can’t wait until next Wednesday! Laughter is the best medicine. Thank you Joe and everyone there.

Truly a fantastic experience. I left feeling happy and free! Can’t wait to do it again!

I love how the program is so well organized into different exercises that end up getting one into a more flowing state of creativity! I am loving each second of the class.

“The Outcasters improv classes are a great way to build your interactive skills that you can use in any life situation. It is a fun way to learn how to listen and build off someone else’s input, a priceless skill in the world of business. It is a safe, non-judgmental, encouraging environment!”

I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy the class. I have a history of concussions and sometimes struggle with focusing and being present, and I was worried about my ability to participate. Joe’s energy and charisma helped me to feel more at ease which in turn allowed me to be present and respond more quickly and with less overthinking.

100% recommend! Such a fun course for someone new to improv! Very approachable as well as Joe “warms up” the class with some very easy and supportive practice rounds.

The energy of the room was so awesome, accepting, calm and fun. It’s very rare to walk into a room of adults and just let go!! it was engaging and exciting the whole time… This class exceeded my expectations as I had no idea what I was in store for!!! I had SO MUCH fun.

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Joe Hammer - Your Improv Coach Joe Hammer has been actively presenting powerful personal and business development seminars and entertainment programs for decades. Complimenting his book, THE IMPROV EDGE, Joe’s improv classes and workshops deliver high-impact content from his extensive training with Magnet Theater, Upright Citizen’s Brigade and Impro Theatre, including disciplines with fellow improv authors, Mick Napier of The Annoyance Theater and Will Hines of UCB.

Joe’s classes go beyond simple improv games; you’ll discover practical and constructive principles of both short and long form improvisation – all while enjoying ample stage time, personalized coaching and considerate feedback. There’s something new in every class!

And it’s all taught in a safe, respectful, and non-judgmental setting. No egos. No harassment. No criticism. Just progressive improv training in a positive environment!

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As a perceptive chameleon, Banter recognizes the importance of being adaptable. Banter came to be the Outcasters’ mascot after trying to find a place to cool off from the blazing Arizona sun. He stumbled inside a drop-in improv class and, after seeing what The Outcasters were all about, he quickly realized he was home! Whether you’re an experienced improviser, just beginning your improv journey, or attending one of our shows, Banter invites you to join us!