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Questions? We Have Answers!

Drop-in classes are for those who aren’t as devoted to their improv practice, choosing to only occasionally attend classes. Drop-in class students are required to register for class on our website or “pay at the door.” Drop-in classes are held both virtually and live in N. Scottsdale.

Our Premier Class Membership is for the more serious improv student and includes both Tuesday night virtual classes, Wednesday night live classes as well as Joe’s Quarterly Immersive Workshops. 

Absolutely! Doing improv over Zoom is a lot of fun! You get more screen time and more one-on-one feedback! Plus you get to improvise from people all around the world and enjoy Zoom-specific improv games.

Like our Premier Class Package, our Masterclass Package includes our Virtual and Live classes as well as our quarterly immersives. It also includes advanced long-form classes from 8 – 9 pm, immediately following the Wednesday night class. The Masterclass is only for Premier members who are invited to participate in this advanced class. 

Wednesday Night Drop-in classes: $20, online reservations recommended but not required. Includes two hours of Essential Improv, 6-8 pm

Tuesday Night Virtual (Zoom) classes: $10, online reservations required (unless you are a premier or Masterclass Member). Includes two hours Essential Improv, 6-8 pm.

Premier Class Membership: $75 per month autopay. Includes two hours Essential Improv, 6-8 pm on Tuesday Night Virtual (Zoom) classes and two hours Essential Improv, 6-8 pm on Wednesday Night LIVE classes. It also includes Joe’s quarterly Immersive workshops.

Masterclass Membership: $100 per month autopay. Includes two hours Essential Improv, 6-8 pm on Tuesday Night Virtual (Zoom) classes, two hours Essential Improv, 6-8 pm on Wednesday Night LIVE classes and Long-Form Masterclass from 8-9 pm. It also includes Joe’s quarter Immersive workshops. Students must be invited to participate in our Masterclass.

There are a variety of things we look for in potential Masterclass students. These include:

  • Showing up to as many improv classes as possible.
  • Exhibiting growth in your improv skills
  • Actively listening and applying feedback and notes given during class.
  • Being on time for classes
  • Being a positive person during class
  • Integrating well with your fellow scene partners

No. Although we may occasionally offer levels 1-4 classes, we choose to make our classes more informal and less rigorous.

No worries! Life happens and you’re bound to miss a class. This is why we’ve included Zoom classes with our Premier and Masterclass packages, so just jump in on Tuesday night from 6–8 pm!

Not necessarily, but likely. We desire to have not only our designated Troupe Members but “guest performers” as well. Just show up to all classes, continue to grow your improv skills, actively listen and apply feedback and notes given to you during classes. In doing so, you will be most likely asked to participate in shows!

That’s not a problem at all! Your class package will be honored. When it runs out you may then decide to register as a Premier Member or continue classes on a Drop-In basis!

Jump over to our FAQ page and see if your questions are addressed there. If not, drop us an email!

Email us and we’ll be glad to answer any additional questions you may have!

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Joe Hammer - Your Improv Coach Joe Hammer has been actively presenting powerful personal and business development seminars and entertainment programs for decades. Complimenting his book, THE IMPROV EDGE, Joe’s improv classes and workshops deliver high-impact content from his extensive training with Magnet Theater, Upright Citizen’s Brigade and Impro Theatre, including disciplines with fellow improv authors, Mick Napier of The Annoyance Theater and Will Hines of UCB.

Joe’s classes go beyond simple improv games; you’ll discover practical and constructive principles of both short and long form improvisation – all while enjoying ample stage time, personalized coaching and considerate feedback. There’s something new in every class!

And it’s all taught in a safe, respectful, and non-judgmental setting. No egos. No harassment. No criticism. Just progressive improv training in a positive environment!

Meet the Outcasters' Chameleon Mascot, Banter!

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As a perceptive chameleon, Banter recognizes the importance of being adaptable. Banter came to be the Outcasters’ mascot after trying to find a place to cool off from the blazing Arizona sun. He stumbled inside a drop-in improv class and, after seeing what The Outcasters were all about, he quickly realized he was home! Whether you’re an experienced improviser, just beginning your improv journey, or attending one of our shows, Banter invites you to join us!